The Untherapy Perspective

Untherapy is a perpetually evolving set of beliefs that center around the importance of courage, simplicity, and consent in all relationships.

Here are some of the main ideas.

  • I am the main character in my own life, which means I am responsible for everything about me. I remember that this is true for every human.
  • My unique combination of thought model, feeling type, life experiences, and true desires are perfectly optimized to support my best life.
  • Existence is evidence of worthiness. By nature of the fact that I am alive in this time and space, I accept that who I truly am (thoughts, feelings, and desires) is who I was meant to be, and that’s a good thing.
  • I recognize the supportive nature of life and believe that powers larger than my comprehension are working behind the scenes to support my growth and healing.
  • I am wired for connection, so it is important to get good at it. The more I understand about myself and others, the easier and more fulfilling all my relationships become.
  • Things come up to come out. When something bothers me, I acknowledge that it has presented itself to be released. As I process these triggers, I make space for healing and growth in a natural, gentle process that works with and expands my capacity to thrive. By the same token, traumatic experiences provide the precise healing opportunities I am most ready for.
  • “Desire is proof of deserve.” When I want something, I recognize that this desire is directly connected to the best next steps for me. I notice my desires and pursue them with intention and consistency. I release my attachment to specific outcomes, knowing that course corrections will continue to perfect my path.
  • Every experience is redeemable. Life is about learning. I acknowledge that every misstep or failure has inherent lessons that are useful (and maybe even essential) for my continued evolution.
  • Everyone is doing their best with what they have from where they are. Even (and especially) when I cannot understand why, I recognize that each person got to this moment the same way I did: by trying to figure it out the best way they knew how.
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed. I release the need to force and control my outcomes. I trust that as I consent to the choices I most desire, I will receive what is best for me.
  • Negative feelings like fear, doubt, and anger are just as useful as positive ones. They draw attention to things I might otherwise ignore. As I process and release these emotions, I create space for my own evolution while simultaneously giving others permission to do the same.
  • I take responsibility for communicating. I do not hold others responsible for things I have not clearly communicated. I do not expect others to read my mind.
  • Life is a non-zero-sum game. Everyone can win. My having more does not equal less for you. Lack is an illusion that challenges me to process my negative emotions and further my understanding.
  • Processing emotions does not have to be torturous. Because I am wired for healing and growth, releasing negative emotions can be gentle and natural. When I use the proper protocols, my personal evolution becomes a normal experience that gives meaning and purpose to my existence.
  • Untherapy is a living belief system that is perpetually evolving as my consciousness expands.

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