Untherapy Academy

A Community Where You Can Learn

How To Trust Yourself


"I am very thankful to have found the Academy. It is a safe environment that has given me the tools to learn different approaches to healing and overcoming. The encouraging support throughout the week helps my focus to stay strong. Anne-Lise's Untherapy techniques keep you thinking outside the box and open up a whole new world of options." -B. Jones, Whitehouse, TX


  • Is your nervous system shot?
  • Are you finding it harder and harder to control your emotional triggers?
  • When you know you want something different for your life, do you have trouble getting in gear?
  • Have you lost some of yourself in all the noise?
  • Is your willpower failing you right when you need it most?
  • Do you find some of your most important relationships frustrating and/or uninspiring?
  • Are you having trouble caring about what you are "supposed to"?
  • Is overwhelm becoming an ever-present companion?
  • If exhaustion were a sport, would you win a gold medal?

"The Academy is a place where I feel accepted, seen, and heard. I am so thankful for the encouragement I receive from the group as a whole. Anne-Lise is a wealth of knowledge! I'm loving all of the tools she is providing to us that help us improve every aspect of our lives! The value is PRICELESS!!" -J. Barkley, Carl Junction, TX

The Benefits

  • Increase emotional literacy and self-awareness
  • Restore confidence in relationships with self and others
  • Exercise intentional control over personal emotional triggers
  • Understand and gain mastery over addictive behaviors
  • Foster empathy over judgment
  • Experience purposeful authentic human connection

"The Untherapy Academy is filled with an amazing community of people who are striving to improve their lives. No matter what your challenge, you will find support without judgment led by fantastic Untherapist Coaches. You will learn the tools to transform your life without spending thousands on traditional paths. Well worth the investment!!!" -A. Robertson, Carthage, MO

The Time Commitment

To get the most out of your membership in the Academy, we recommend following the Rule of ONE's:

  • Spend at least ONE minute when first you wake up and ONE minute right before bed cultivating self-trust (taught, encouraged, and celebrated within the Academy)
  • Get on the app and post in the community at least ONE time per day
  • Attend at least ONE live event per week
  • Commit ONE year to your growth, healing, and evolution within the Academy

"When Anne-Lise posed the question, "What do you want?," not only did she give me the tools to discover the answer, I found the courage to say it out loud.  It was a powerful moment for me.  The answer to that question has taken several forms since its first asking, and the freedom to feel those answers, in itself, is both encouraging and an affirmation that I'm in the right place." -C. Keith, Joplin, MO

The Method

  • Receive live coaching and teaching from Anne-Lise: The Untherapist every week with Zoom classes, interactive office hours, social events, and supporting resources
  • Learn from and support like-minded students of life in an atmosphere of positive peer pressure
  • Develop shame resilience by optimizing the natural strengths of your innate personality
  • Optimize all your most important relationships with increased understanding of what makes them behave as they do
  • Create a life you love waking up to every morning by allowing your most supportive thoughts to guide your developing reality
  • Regain trust in your own internal wisdom by strengthening your connection with the Divine
  • Heal yourself from past wounds with a gentle trauma-release protocol that does not retraumatize your over-taxed nervous system: encourages healing to happen at the perfect time in just the right amount exactly when you are ready
  • Know how, when, and where to get outside help: develop the ability to discern what type of practitioner will best serve you and which modality is best suited for your unique needs
  • Foster authentic friendships in a virtual space completely off social media with our exclusive phone-based app that creates an on-demand oasis of positivity and support

"I'm so grateful to be a part of The Untherapy Academy. What I’m learning each week in our classes is proving to be very helpful in my life. I’ve been able to start cultivating some simple self-care habits that feel doable and are building momentum in other areas of my life. One thing I’m learning for myself is that self-care is a marathon, not a sprint, AND it’s okay to take my time. Life marches on whether I choose self-care or not, so I may as well surrender to the process and learn how to feel good in my own skin! I also enjoy the Untherapy model of force and tendency to help me understand myself better. It’s allowed me to release a lot of the making myself wrong for responding and reacting the way I do to various situations. This is a great community that feels safe and Anne-Lise is a skilled coach and teacher. Thanks, Anne-Lise!" -C. McLeod, Oklahoma City

The Tools

  • The Untherapy Model of Human Behavior to increase emotional literacy, self-awareness, and relationship skills
  • The Superlearning Protocol to gracefully transcend limiting subconscious programming by leveraging the massive innate power of your emotional triggers to regain control of any area of your life, naturally and permanently
  • The Mind Massage Subaudible Self-Affirmation Practice to rewire neural pathways to support personal goals and desires without triggering resistance and trauma caused by standard affirmation and manifestation protocols
  • The Consensualist Belief System to maximize awareness of choice, creativity, and responsibility through a belief system that exposes the truth that we always have more options than we realize

"Struggling with anxiety, addiction, relationships, and feeling overwhelmed? This is the place for you! I was feeling lost and looking for the right tools to help me. The Academy was exactly what I needed. I feel comfortable being able to log on and learn from home. The skills that are available have helped me tremendously so far, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!" -R. Emory, Pritchett, TX

The Price

A prepaid annual membership is $1000 (two months free compared to the monthly price).

When you commit the money up front, you send a powerful message to your subconscious mind that you mean business. In turn, your subconscious mind responds by making time and space for your transformation in a more supportive way.

Monthly membership is $100. If you choose this option, we encourage you to commit to a full year of growth inside the Academy.

We ask that you adjust your expectations accordingly, take the pressure off your worn out emotional trigger responses, and pace yourself for the gradual, subtle, and gentle growth that Untherapy provides over time.

"The Academy is a safe and nurturing place to facilitate personal growth and meaningful relationships with all kinds of people in your life. Anne-Lise is an amazing leader with deep wisdom and a fun way to bring abstract concepts to life. Being a part of the Academy had a profound impact on my life and business." -W. Unger, Glen Rock, NJ

The Promise

If you will commit to the process of Untherapy, within the first year, you will have the skills, understanding, and experience to Superlearn yourself.

This means you will know how to leverage the massive power of your subconscious emotional triggers to regain control of any area of your life, naturally and permanently.

"I feel like being a part of the Academy has really opened up the flow of conversation I'm having with so many different people in my life. And using the Untherapy teachings in my own personal growth, I have experienced a shift back to a more natural state of being." -G. Lewis, Joplin, MO

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